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Vision & Values

Our Vision is: Building Together for God’s Kingdom

We embrace and engage in this vision through our values, being:

Centred on Mission: recognising God is at work in the world and we have the privilege in partnering with God to see lives and communities transformed by the presence of Jesus Christ.

Creative in Approach: we believe in a creative God and therefore everything we do as an association should reflect God’s creativity in doing new things, stepping out of familiar ways and embracing the adventure that God has for us.


Relational at the Core: we seek to be an association that sees God in all people and all places, we are committed to building relationships that offer support, encouragement and challenge.


Spirit-Led in Practice: we seek to rely on Gods Spirit and Scripture to inspire and enthuse the structure, governance and prayer life of the association.

Committed to Justice: as Gods people we experience a ‘holy discontent’ that calls us to work for Gods justice in our communities, churches, region and world.

Seeking Well-being: we seek for our association and churches to be a place where people can experience a place of listening, encouraging and guiding in all stages of their mission and ministry.

In this season of the life of the NBA we are prioritising:

  • Developing and Investing in Leadership (including CMD, lay leadership)

  • Children, Youth and Families

  • Mission: Pioneering and Planting

  • Communication: with an emphasis on this being a new season

These values and priorities link into the national Baptist Vision of ‘Growing Healthy Churches in relationship with God’s Mission.’  We believe that the next season of the NBA is to create more synergy with the national vision, values and priorities.  The NBA is committed to supporting Baptist Together and working with those in national roles to build together for God’s Kingdom. See more of Baptist Together Vision Here

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