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We can help to support you in your churches local mission and replanting your gathered community.

 We will support and help you discuss your specific needs and identify a support package.

Contact Paul Revill to start your journey to missional adventure 

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Missional Resources

Missional Adventure:  Is a web portal from Baptist Together; where you can discover a world of missional opportunities for you and your church...

With ideas to inspire you, training to equip you, and networks to connect you, all just a click away!


If we are following wherever Jesus is leading us we will often find ourselves involved in something which is risky, exciting and a little bit scary. Across our Baptist family individuals and churches are finding themselves on all sorts of different missional adventures, and we hope these pages will enable you to discover the particular adventure that he is calling you to embark upon.

The mission of God invites us to be open to His leading in all aspects of our ordinary everyday lives, but it sometimes means leaving behind all that we find familiar and comfortable and stepping into the unknown.

Click Here to go to the Baptist Together Missional Adventure Web Portal for encouraging stories and inspirational ideas 

As an Association we also work with others to enable different forms of mission:


London Institute of Contemporary Christianity 

This is also a two-year cycle of leaders gatherings every 3 months or so, exploring how we intentionally develop whole-life discipleship in church life.  Several NBA churches have used LICC resources over the past few years, so there could be interest here.