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Attention 18-25-year-olds! Join 'Explore,' our FREE internship program! Tailored placements in local, trans-local, and national contexts await your passions, from pioneer ministry to community outreach. Join the Baptist Movement in the North of England & Wales. Internships run from September to June. Collaborate with colleges and associations for a comprehensive insight into Leadership, Theology, Immersive Experiences, and Mentoring.


Ignite your leadership potential with a bespoke curriculum, featuring residential sessions and insights from various leadership practitioners. Unleash your unique gifts and calling while deepening your understanding of Christian leadership.


Explore contextual mission and theology through diverse training opportunities, including 'Formation,' Church Based Community Work certification, youth work courses via the NBA, and theology modules by NBC.

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Explore Info adjusted.png
Explore Info adjusted.png


Embark on two concurrent journeys; one in a pioneer church community or missional initiative, and the other at the regional level alongside NBA or NWBA Regional Ministers. Immerse yourself in Baptist residential and national internship online gatherings for a 360-degree view of leadership.


Receive personalized guidance with a dedicated mentor meeting monthly to reflect critically on your learning experience and aid in your leadership development.


The collaboration between the colleges and local associations ensures a variety of potential placements tailored to your desired ministry exploration. Whether you're interested in a youth work placement or pioneering community involvement, our team possesses extensive networks and contacts to assist you in discovering the ideal setting for your aspirations.

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Explore Info adjusted.png


Throughout your internship, you will participate in two residential weekends, along with attending the National Assembly and the Association Ministerial Conference. These weekends will provide valuable leadership training and an opportunity to connect with individuals currently undergoing ministry training. Additionally, the National and Ministerial conferences offer a chance to engage with seasoned ministers, providing a broader perspective beyond local ministry.


Northern Baptist College and Northern College offer a range of tailored possibilities, providing accessible academic input, community training in church settings, and opportunities for youth work training. This holistic approach ensures your placement is not only personalized but also enriches your overall learning experience, aligning seamlessly with your individual goals and aspirations.


Explore is a remarkable fully funded opportunity that not only covers your living costs but also offers accommodation where needed. Our four-day-a-week program provides flexibility, allowing you the option to pursue a part-time job if you wish.

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Explore Info adjusted.png


Applications for our pilot year are now open. Join us in shaping not only your own future but also the internship itself. Trust that your thoughts, experiences, and understanding will be valued and listened to as we journey forward together.

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If you’re interested in Explore contact one of our Team:

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