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AGM & Reports

As a charity we hold an Annual General Meeting in the Spring of every year where we celebrate what God is doing among us and elect new trustees.

Our AGM normally happens as part of our annual gathering, in Spring of each year. 

Past papers can be read here:

Annual Report 2023

2024 Minutes of AGM

2023 Minutes of AGM

Annual Report 2022

Financial Report 2022

2022 Minutes of AGM  

2021 Annual Report for AGM

2021 Minutes of the AGM 

2020 Minutes of the AGM 

Voting at a AGM:

Each member church shall have the right to appoint one representative to General Meetings of the Association and additional representatives in accordance with the following schedule: 

-    51 to 100 members -1

-    101 to 150 members -2

-    151 to 200 members -3

-    201 to 250 members -4

-    251 to 300 members -5 and so on 


Each minister/pastor in post at a member church shall also be a representative. 

Each representative shall have one vote. 

The representative or representatives of a member church shall be entitled together to exercise the same powers on behalf of the member church as the member church could exercise. 

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