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Policies & Procedures

Dealing with Complainants:

Baptist churches operate as autonomous congregations who work in covenant partnership with one another. Our Association is primarily an expression of that mutual covenant and does not have a regulatory role in respect to the day to day operations of local Baptist churches. While we are keen to support our church communities in maintaining wholesome relationships with one another, we do not have an automatic role to intervene in situations of complaint and conflict. These guidelines that follow seek to outline the practical implications of this.

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Data Protection Policy:

NBA is committed to protecting personal data and respecting the rights of our data subjects; the people whose personal data we collect and use. We are registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) with registration number ZA216023 and process the personal information of individuals in accordance with our privacy statement.

We value the personal information entrusted to us and we respect that trust, by complying with all relevant laws, and adopting good practice. 

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Articles of the NBA and Bye-Laws 

As an association we are governed by two documents, our bye-laws and our articles.

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