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About Us

The Northern Baptist Association is the Baptist family in the North of England. We are 50 Baptist churches serving about 3,000 members from Redcar to Great Asby near Kirkby Stephen and from Northallerton to Berwick. Three of our churches are also members of the Independent Methodist Connexion.

We have had Baptist churches in this area for over 350 years, but far from being static and complacent we continue to engage in mission and church planting. Thirteen of our churches have been started since 1950, and two of our churches have established three separate churches in recent years. We support pioneer work across the association and are looking to engage in other pioneer situations.

We fellowship together in order to encourage and resource one another for the work of mission, both for each church in its local context, and in mutual collaboration. We are able to do this as people give freely of their time and also work alongside our Association staff.


Our Council is responsible for overseeing our Association life. They are the the trustees and directors of the Association, find out more about how we operate and who is on Council here.

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Our Vision & Values

Our Vision is: Building Together for God’s Kingdom

We embrace and engage in this vision by being:

Centred on Mission: recognising God is at work in the world and we have the privilege in partnering with God to see lives and communities transformed by the presence of Jesus Christ.

Creative in Approach: we believe in a creative God and therefore everything we do as an association should reflect God’s creativity in doing new things, stepping out of familiar ways and embracing the adventure that God has for us.


Relational at the Core: we seek to be an association that sees God in all people and all places, we are committed to building relationships that offer support, encouragement and challenge.


Spirit-Led in Practice: we seek to rely on Gods Spirit and Scripture to inspire and enthuse the structure, governance and prayer life of the association.

Committed to Justice: as Gods people we experience a ‘holy discontent’ that calls us to work for Gods justice in our communities, churches, region and world.

Seeking Well-being: we seek for our association and churches to be a place where people can experience a place of listening, encouraging and guiding in all stages of their mission and ministry.

In this season of the life of the NBA we are prioritising:

  • Developing and Investing in Leadership (including CMD, lay leadership)

  • Children, Youth and Families

  • Mission: Pioneering and Planting

  • Communication: with an emphasis on this being a new season

Connect With Us

NBA Registered Office: 

1st Floor Block C, The Wharf, Manchester Road, 

Burnley, Lancs, 

BB11 1JG


01642 782754 (Elaine)

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