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Are you looking to Pioneer in the North East?

Image by Diego Carneiro

In the NBA we want to support, encourage and equip all forms of Baptist ministry and mission.  

Two of our core values are:

Centred on Mission: recognising God is at work in the world and we have the privilege in partnering with God to see lives and communities transformed by the presence of Jesus Christ.

Creative in Approach: we believe in a creative God and therefore everything we do as an association should reflect God’s creativity in doing new things, stepping out of familiar ways and embracing the adventure that God has for us.

Therefore we are passionate about releasing creative pioneering and mission across the North East of England.

If you are starting something or would like to partner with the NBA then please do get in contact with us to see how we can support and develop your pioneering project.

For your project to be considered you will need to write to use outlining:

 - Your background and experience 

- The vision for the pioneering/missional project 

- A summary of the strategy of how you will do the project/pioneering (we understand that this will change and develop overtime.)

- Make reference to the Fruitfulness Indicators and how the pioneering/missional project will reflect them 

- How the missional project/ pioneering is Baptist as its core. 

- The reasons for wanting to partner with the NBA (making reference to our values)   

Send your letter to the NBA Office ( 


Several of our growing group of pioneers in the Association met today in Whitburn to share, encourage and pray together for themselves and other pioneer leaders in the NBA. It’s so heartening to see how God is raising up such a diverse group of people, several of them young leaders, women and men who are being called here in or to the North East and exercising their creative, pioneering, entrepreneurial, community enterprise, chaplaincy and social justice callings. We now have nearly twenty such gifted people connecting under the banner of pioneering. All very encouraging for our developing relational, missional association.

Roy Searle

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