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We want to be accountable to all our stakeholders (churches, ministers, pioneers, missional communities and Baptist Together).  Therefore in these pages you will find information about the NBA which will be reviewed annually (as this is the first year of doing this we hope to compare data and information in future reviews.  

We are keen to to be transparent in all we do therefore we are annually reviewing how we are doing in providing a place where all ministers and churches can flourish and build together God's Kingdom here in the North East.  

You can read our 2022 Culture Review here; this was based on a questionnaire that went out to all churches, ministers, church leaders & chaplains at the end of the year.


We know we are not as diverse as our association is, or as diverse as God calls us to be therefore we are taking intersectionality as a priority and focus within our structure.  

In September 2021 the NBA Council started a 'root and branch' review of the association; this has lead to a change in our current culture.

You can read the previous Culture Review Report here (Sept 21-July 22)

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