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Our Council is responsible for overseeing our Association life. They are the the trustees and directors of the Association. 

Churches are invited to nominate members to Council on their statistical returns each year by the date stated on the returns


The Council is led by the Moderator Revd Tony Ruddle who often attends staff team meeting.  

Council members serve for three years term and then are eligible for re-election; they are only allowed to serve two terms. consecutively.

The Council can have up to 12 members with seven co-opted members; four of the co-opted members are there to provide balance of lay, ordained, experience, age, gender, and ethnic origin, and the church size and geographic location of the member churches.

Three members can be co-oped onto council to represent the NBA at the Baptist Together Council (currently these roles are done by current council members.)  Co-oped members serve for one year and then are eligible for further co-option.

The Treasurer, Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) representative and Home Mission representative are nominated by Council, and appointed annually at the Annual General Meeting.

You can read our 2021 Annual Report Here 

The Council Members are:

  • Rev Caroline Friend (Alnwick BC)

  • Mrs Amanda Hegarty (West View BC)

  • Rev Phil Dixon (Oxford Road BC)

  • Rev Rachel Holland (Portrack BC) 

  • Rev Anthony Ruddle (Whitley Bay BC)

  • Rev Dave Tubby (Heaton BC)

  • Pastor Virgilio Pansacala (Filipino International Church)

  • Mrs Susanna Hinton (New Life BC)

  • Mr Jonny Hedgers (Redcar BC)

  • Mrs Jen Holder (New Life BC)


Regional Ministers:

  • Rev Hayley Young (Regional Minister)

  • Rev Paul Revill (Regional Minister)

Annual Appointments:

  • Treasurer: Mr Gavin Monument (Billingham BC)

  • Home Mission Representative: Mrs Jess Steel (Stockton BC)

  • BMS Representative: Dr Penny Hyde (West View BC)

Get Involved or Contact Us

If you would like to get involved with association life then please do get in touch with us.

We are always seeking to find those who can serve as Trustees, click here for more information and to download an application form

You can also contact the Moderator of the Council Rev Tony Ruddle via email here 

And the Treasurer of the Association Gavin Monument via email here