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Image by Jake Colling

Joining the NBA

We welcome churches who are committed to the Baptist Union Declaration of Principles and the life of the Northern Baptist Association to join us in our worship and mission community.


If you are interested in becoming part of the NBA then please contact Rev'd Johnny Pozzo or Rev Linda Donaldson


Revds Linda and Johnny will discuss with the church leadership and members discuss the advantages, disadvantages, responsibilities and privileges of Association membership.  This conversation will include:

  1. The degree and nature of the support and fellowship the church can access through membership;

  2. The degree and nature of the support and fellowship that other churches and The Association would like to receive from the member church, including through the church’s giving and participation.

You can view the whole process of becoming an NBA church here

The church membership will then need to write to the trustees (council) via the Regional Team explaining why they would like to join the NBA. This will be accompanied by the application form for doing the NBA and Baptist Together (Baptist Union of Great Britain.)


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