Working together on safeguarding in the churches of the NBA

Safeguarding involves a range of activities aimed at promoting the individual’s right to be safe.  These include making and maintaining safe environments for everyone (children and adults), having procedures to follow should something go wrong and support for everyone involved.

Lynn Fletcher, Safeguarding Officer for the NBA, is available to respond to your safeguarding inquiries and to advise on your safeguarding concerns:, 07530 353794


Safeguarding Training

Remember, BUGB recommends that you renew your training at the appropriate level at least once every four years. 

·       Level 1 is a video presentation (one for the whole church, one for a church meeting) available for you to download at

·       Level 2 is for all those working in the church, paid or unpaid

·       Level 3 is for all those working in the church, paid or unpaid, who have leadership responsibilities and have completed Level 2

Please note that during current Covid-19 restrictions, training is being delivered via a YouTube film that covers the key points of both level 2 and level 3.  For access to this film and advice on using it within your church, please contact Lynn Fletcher 


Baptist Union of Great Britain has made available a wealth of resources to help you in your safeguarding work.  They can be accessed on the BUGB website at

  • Safeguarding church self-assessment audit
  • Model Safeguarding Policy and Procedures
  • Excellence in Safeguarding Level 1 - accompanying materials for children and young people
  • Gateway to Level 2 Excellence in Safeguarding
  • Safeguarding in Church Life – the role of the Designated Person for Safeguarding
  • BUGB Guide to DBS checks
  • Safeguarding Record Keeping
  • Safeguarding Contracts – frequently asked questions
  • BUGB Guide to Understanding Self-harm
  • BUGB Guide to Understanding Domestic Abuse
  • Supporting those who have experienced abuse
  • BUGB Guide to Cyber Safety 

(If you have difficulty in accessing any of these resources, please contact Lynn Fletcher or NBA Admin for assistance)

DBS checks

Please access the BUGB guide to DBS checks (see above) as this will answer most of your questions.  Our ‘umbrella body’ (that process the checks on our behalf) is called Due Diligence Checking (DDC). Please remember that accredited ministers must be verified by Association staff. A Quick Start Guide for verifiers can be found on

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