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Prayer Initiatives

We organise regular prayer initiatives across our region and participate in wider prayer movements, such as Thy Kingdom Come and 24-7 Prayer.  In recent years, we have held two significant prayer initiatives:

Prayer Pilgrimage 2014

During the month of September 2014, the regional staff of the Association visited every NBA church on foot and spent time in prayer with leaders and members of every church, seeking to support and encourage the churches but also together to listen to what God was saying and doing in each place.  The prayer pilgrimage drew in several other walkers and pray-ers and helped develop our sense of being connected together as a family of churches.

Prayer Relay 2015-2016

For 15 months from August 2015 through to the end of November 2016, the churches of Northern Association developed a chain of prayer, with each church taking its turn to host a week of prayer in their church community.  A relay baton was passed from church to church to indicate the beginning of each new link in the chain.  During each church's week with the baton, NBA staff visited to lead worship or preach on the Sunday at the start of the week and helped to lead or participate in prayer meetings or activities during the week.  Each church organised its own programme, with some creating dedicated prayer spaces or prayer stations and hosting 24-7 style prayer; while others convened prayer walks, evenings of prayer or hosted seminars for teaching on different aspects of prayer.  A weekly reflection was distributed to each church, exploring a different aspect of prayer or mission each week.  Some of the local initiatives which began when the prayer relay baton was 'in town' have led to lasting developments and changes.  The baton travelled further afield to Northern Baptist College and even reached Lithuania and our partners in the Baptist Union there.