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Lithuania Mission Trips

We are engaged in two visit to Lithuania. On the weekend of 8th to 10th June John Claydon will be sharing with John Jackson of Future Leadership Foundation (USA) in leading a retreat for Lithuania Pastors and wives. There are about 50 booked in. Please pray that this will be a great encouragement for our Lithuanian friends and an opportunity for them to develop their mission together. After the retreat John is preaching in Kaunas.

From 16th to 21st July Paul Revill is taking a team to help lead a Children's mission in the church at Kaunas. Please pray that this may be a good means of encouraging the church and reaching out to children and young people in the area.

Lithuania - The background

Through our connection with the International Baptist Seminary in Prague we met with one of the academic staff, Lina Andronoviene, (now Lina Toth) who is Lithuanian. We came to understand that the Baptist Union in Lithuania is very small and would value some support and encouragement. As a result of this meeting John and Janet Claydon visited Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, at Easter 2010 and met with some of the church leaders. John felt strongly that God was leading us into a relationship with our Lithuanian brothers and sisters and we were therefore delighted when three of their leaders were able to spend a few days with us and attend our Autumn Assembly in October 2010.

Over the years that have been several visits to encourage the churches, provide training, teach English and support the mission work of the churches. We have also been delighted to receive visits from our Lithuanian friends.