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Some of our churches that have been recently supported by Home Mission

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The most recent NBA Home Mission Video features Beacon Lough Baptist Church.

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To access more resources for supporting Home Mission please click the following link: More Home Mission Resources

Once again we are so grateful for the generosity of our csotoieshurches which has enabled us to send a total of £108,769.69p to support Home Mission through our Baptist Union. Churches should have received their Home Mission Giving Certificate for 2017, and are encourage to displaying it prominently.

The NBA Churches’ Blessed Generosity has enabled others to be blessed by what they receive in the form of Grants for Ministry and Mission in addition to the amount that comes back into our Association to enable our churches to be served in various ways.

We are all blessed by our giving to others, but it is worth noting that we in the NBA as a whole receive back a generous blessing of what we have given.

Our Target for this year, 2018, will be £115,000

I extrapolated some figures from the 2017 Totals:- of our 52 churches….

¨ 19 churches gave less than last year

¨ 13 churches gave the same amounts

¨   8 churches were unable to give anything.

¨ 12 churches gave more than in 2016

I would like to urge All our churches to consider a modest increase on their 2017 contributions following the great example of the 12 churches who increased their giving.

Nationally, the 13 Associations did not meet the target requested. The NBA has yet again performed well in difficult financial circumstances lying 3rd overall at the end of 2017.

Over the past 7 years we have consistently been top of the National Per Capita givers averaging £39.81 and a Total annual average of £113,120, and  even though we are still among the top per capita givers, our allocation may be reduced again by 5% {almost £4,000}.

Home Mission is the Baptist family purse which enables Baptist churches and individuals to reach their mission potential and demonstrate the love of God to their communities. There is an excitement around new missional opportunities in the NBA, and Home Mission Grants (although reducing year on year) will enable work that has the potential to be transformational in local communities to see fruit for their labours. Our faithful God sees how our giving is invested in people and communities and making a difference all around the North East.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all our Fellowships for their continued sacrificial support of their Home Mission Fund, which expresses our common vision of UK Baptists. Every Blessing to you all, I will endeavour to continue to serve you as best I can, and if you need me to come and encourage you with regard to Home Mission I am happy to do so.

Ray Richardson

Suggestions for fundraising:

1. Social events where tickets are sold or an entrance fee charged. Examples: line dancing, firework display, quiz night, treasure hunt, karaoke evening, board games night, concert, art exhibition, barn dance, pantomime.

2. Events involving food – money can be raised by charging for the food Examples: big brunch, barbecue, pancake evening, teddy bears picnic, cake sales, candlelight supper, cheese and wine evening, cream-tea, curry night.

3. Sponsored events Examples: marathon, bible reading, hymn singing, aerobics, bike-ride, losing weight, silence, abseiling, walk and toddle

4. Buying and selling Examples: auction (items and/or promises, bring and buy sale, ‘home-made’ sale, car boot sale, second-hand bookstall, nearly-new clothes

5. Competitions – entrants pay a fee and a small prize is awarded Examples: fancy-dress, cake-baking, races, flower-arranging or how about ‘worst-tie’?

6. Other ideas face-painting, Easter-egg/Christmas gift hunt, arts and crafts afternoon (have a go at something new), car-washing, fancy-dress football, open-gardens, mile of coins.

7. Many churches meet as house groups. If you don't already do it, why not have a coffee jar in the middle of the table, where people can drop in change when they take their tea and coffee. The money collected can be added to your church's contribution.

8. "Children are a gift from the Lord". Why not invite parents in your church to join a Birthday scheme. Each year you send their child a birthday card and invite the parents to make a small (say £5) gift to Home Mission as an expression of thanks. (Check people want to join the scheme before sending a card!)

9. Home Mission supports a whole raft of youth officers and other youth activities. Why not invite your young people to arrange sponsored events to help support these vital ministries.

10. Some people prefer to manage their money through a bank account. If twenty people set up a standing order for just £5 per month -this would raise £1,200 for Home Mission in a year even more if it was Gift Aided. The church then pays this EXTRA amount to Home Mission.

You can also find more information about Home Mission here

NBA Home Mission Co-ordinator

Ray Richardson, 18 Hemsley Road, South Shields, NE34 6HW

0191 4543432

E-mail: NBA Home Mission Co-ordinator